The Trick to getting Massive Mixes

It all actually starts long before you ever reach out to your audio engineer. To put it simply, massive mixes are really just the byproduct of great songwriting. Like many jobs in the audio industry, the lines between different career specialties have become blurred to the point that they almost don’t exist anymore. Musicians are […]

5 Secrets to Getting Great Studio Recordings

We’ve all been there… Anyone who’s been creating music long enough has probably had one or two bad studio experiences. In fact, it’s so common that it almost feels like a rite-of-passage. As if somehow it’s required to go through this shitty unfulfilling process to really appreciate when you actually get it right and have it […]

What Your Band Should Spend Their Next $400 On

 BEER, DRUGS, AND SEX! or, if your straight edge, a few new pairs of Vans Sk8-Hi’s. Just kidding! But, now that I have your attention I’m going to try my best to learn y’all today on an undervalued and inexpensive tool your band could be utilizing RIGHT NOW to dramatically improve the quality of your […]